A Letter to Akin

Dear Akin,

This is a letter from your human mother, Lillith.  I have had a very hard life, but I want you to know that deep down, I do love you, even though I will not express it in the greatest fashion.  I was one of the first awakened humans to train another group of humans how to survive on Earth again.  I also provided the Oankali with the cancer gene they use in research now.  You are park Oankali, and the ooloi responsible for your birth as well as us is Nikanj (for short).  One thing that you must understand is that you are of a species on your own.  Part human, part Oankali, all Akin.  Also, you are one of the few males to be born.  These two factors will have drastic and unforeseen effects on your life, and it is my greatest wish that you will surpass these obstacles and live your life to the fullest.  Please try to remember that you are part human.  We are a proud species, and the mere fact that you have been born potentially undermines our continued existence as true human beings.  Nevertheless, you are my child and I wish you the best.  You will not be alone in this life.  You will have the Oankali, hybrid siblings like yourself, and me.  It takes a village to raise a hybrid right?  Just please understand that my life has been filled with extraordinary circumstances which sometimes prohibit me from being communicative.  I wish you the best in this world.

Your Mother,

– Lillith

P.S. Feeding you was a pain

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