neuromanced…at first

I’ve really enjoyed reading this book Neuromancer so far, but I have to agree mostly with the difficulties discussed in Tuesday’s class.  It’s pretty confusing due to the lack of solid setting, the time lapses, the names and descriptions.  However, I think the two things which mess with me the most the dialogue sentences and technology.  When the characters speak, it often sounds like fragmented thoughts.  For instance, on page 53, the Finn says “Looks stock. Soon fix that. But here’s your problem, kid.”  SO much of the dialogue goes like this.  While it adds a cool fragmented feel to these conversations, it also makes it difficult to read fast sometimes for me.  The random punctuation and chopped lines slow me down.  I suppose this could be the desired effect: disorient the reader.  Well, kudos to you Gibson you’ve gotten me a couple times.  The other thing is the crazy technology that gets mentioned.  Now while I understand that this is science fiction, and this happens all the time, I’d still like some sort of explanation early on.  The first weapon which Case uses is called the cobra.  It is described as a “steel whip” on pages 16-17.  However, he never used the damn thing and I’m left wondering whats so special about it.  Other things such as the simstim or the dermatrodes.  I just get caught up with the technology itself, and the actions he takes with them, what these technologies actually do.   However, like we said in class, the more you read the easier it becomes to pick up on the lingo and the descriptions.

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